This is Rishabh.

  • Rishabh uses ieacon for his payments.
  • Rishabh can buy food, fuel and even coffee with his phone.
  • Rishabh can pay for all of that with just a shake directly from his bank account.

Restaurants recieve instant paymentss with zero transaction charges.

  • Rishabh gets instant order based discounts with ieacon.
  • Rishabh never has to worry about storing money in wallets.

This is Prem.

  • Prem likes to go to concerts and events.
  • But prem never has to wait in lines.
  • Prem uses ieacon for his ticketing needss.

  • Concerts use ieacon for walk-in ticketing.
  • Concerts use ieacon for navigating their users inside events.

This is Divye.

  • Divye doesn't wait at queues for identification.
  • Divye uses proximity authentication by ieacon.

  • No queued lines for authentication
  • Single proximity authentication for everyone with Aadhar

Prem, Divye, and Rishabh are smart.


They use ieacon.

  • ieacon makes physical places interact with smartphones.
  • It helps your smartphone interact.

  • Be smart.
  • Use ieacon.
  • Coming to your smartphone soon.

about ieacon

ieacon stands for intelligent enhanced advanced connectivity, a platform with a focus to server great user experiences. It is a software platfrom which works with hardware beacons developed by our product company Blecan Innovations.

Better UX. Better conversions.

ieacon for smart cities

ieacon for payments

ieacon for identifcation

ieacon for advertising

how it works


Rishabh Agnihotri

Rishabh Agnihotri


Divye Shah

Divye Shah